DSHS Revises Umbilical Cord Blood Brochure

The Texas Department of State Health Services (DSHS) has issued a new version of the umbilical cord blood brochure that physicians must give prenatal patients. TMA's Maternal and Perinatal Health and Blood and Tissue Usage committees worked extensively with DSHS on edits to the brochure to make the information more relevant and easier for patients to understand.

State law (HB 709) requires physicians or any other person permitted by law to attend a pregnant woman during gestation or at delivery to give the woman the brochure before the third trimester of her pregnancy, or as soon as reasonably feasible.

For questions or comments about the brochure, email Aisling Mcguckin at DSHS, or call her (512) 776-2746.

You may order the brochure through the DSHS Literature and Inquiry and Order Entry site or by calling the DSHS Warehouse at (512) 458-7761 for assistance. The stock numbers are:

  • #6-73 – English, and
  • #6-73A – Spanish.

You can get this brochure in PDF format by downloading the English or Spanish version.

Action, March 1, 2013

Last Updated On

May 20, 2016