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TMA Comments: Senate Bill 149 by Sen. Jane Nelson

Senate Health and Human Services
Feb. 12, 2013

The mission of the Texas Medical Association (TMA) is to improve the health of all Texans. Texas physicians are on the frontline of cancer detection and prevention. We see firsthand how cancer affects patients and their loved ones, for this reason, we strongly support efforts that prevent cancer or help Texans detect it earlier.

TMA supports Senate Bill 149 by Sen. Jane Nelson to ensure the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute (CPRIT) has a transparent funding process in place supported by an independent and robust scientific review of the merit of all grants.

Texas took a big step forward to fight cancer when in 2007 Texans approved the state proposition that authorized CPRIT. Cancer research and prevention is important. More than 100,000 families this year will learn that a member of their family has been diagnosed with a cancer. Almost 40,000 families will lose a family member in their fight with cancer.

In 2009, with CPRIT, Texas became a national leader in cancer research and prevention – second only to the National Cancer Institute in funding cancer research.

Locally, CPRIT prevention programming is funding organizations across the state to support local cancer activities to address the unique cancer concerns in individual communities, as well as educating community health care providers. CPRIT’s prevention programming is reaching Texas large, diverse, and uninsured population, which is still in great need of evidence-based cancer screening and early detection programs.

SB 149 takes important steps to address the recent state audit report that identified important areas of concern in how CPRIT conducted its business.

With the cost of cancer in Texas at more than $28 billion, we must continue CPRIT's mission in prevention and research.

TMA supports SB 149 and CPRIT’s commitment to improve cancer research, prevent cancer, and promote cancer control.

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