Border Physicians Ask Dewhurst, Straus for Action on Dual-Eligible Cut

TMA’s Border Health Caucus called on Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst and House Speaker Joe Straus to stop the cuts in dual-eligible payments before another disastrous January rolls around.

“We have met with leaders from HHSC on many occasions and they want to help us,” Drs. Luis Calo of Harlingen and Carlos Cardenas of McAllen wrote in a letter hand-delivered to the two leaders. “They agree there is a problem, but they tell us their hands are tied until the state leadership provides direction. We are asking for that direction now. We have been told specifically that even as late as the end of this month, the deductible can be paid if there is an agreement from our state leadership. … Offices have been closed. Doctors have left our area, and bank notes and credit cards have hit their respective limits as we struggle to deal with these cuts.”