Tell Congress to Kill the SGR Zombie

We need your help to convince Congress to stop the "zombie Medicare financing" it uses to pay physicians. Every year for the past 12, cuts driven by the defective Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR) formula have come back from the dead … but in even worse shape. The SGR crisis is not dead nor does it lie dormant. It's very much alive.

Year after year of payment uncertainty is forcing doctors out of Medicare, making it more difficult for seniors, Texans with disabilities, and military families to get the care they need. In fact, the number of Texas physicians accepting all new Medicare patients dropped from 78 percent in 2000 to only 58 percent in 2012. This statistic is frightening. The crisis can only get worse as millions of baby boomers become of Medicare age.

Please call Washington at 7 am  every Tuesday until Congress stops the payment cut and agrees to fix the defective SGR. Join your colleagues to convince Congress to stop this year's 27.5-percent cut. Get commitments from Sens. John Cornyn and Kay Bailey Hutchison and your representative to fix the 12-year-old problem. 

For talking points and congressional phone numbers, go to the Medicare Meltdown Action Center.  

 Action, Dec. 17, 2012

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    These cuts are draconian. How the government expects medical practices to survive with this cuts. I feel so discouraged and frustrated. Not only the excessive demands to meet MU measures, but then this aggravation. We need to stop this!

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    I am so disgusted and discouraged by the lack of honesty and political courage shown by both sides in "dealing" the Medicare problem. So many cans have been kicked down the road that they are now piled up high at a dead end and still nothing is being done. This is a time for COMPROMISE and not political wrangling considering the consequences to physicians and our patients. We have to determine what level we can afford to provide the most people and start the process now to save this important entitlement-NO more short-term fixes. I am not seeing new Medicare patients if Congress refuses to make the needed changes in the SGR.

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    I am fully expecting Congress to run this "Fiscal Cliff" issue down to the wire again. When this happens, even if we get a temporary reprieve, and don't get the SGR cut, the Medicare Contractor usually stops all of the payments for about 30 days. This regularly causes financial crises or even disasters in many practices. This is getting pretty old!

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