2012: Match Day Results for Texas Medical School Graduates

Updated February 2014     

Graduate Medical Education Destinations for 2012 Medical Graduates, by Specialty and Location (Grouped by Texas or Other States): 

Type of Residency Program for 2012 Texas Medical Graduates, by Texas Medical School:  

Type of Residency Program for 2012 ALL Texas Medical Graduates, by Texas Medical School (Both remaining and leaving Texas for GME)  

2012 Texas Medical Graduates of All Texas Medical Schools by highest:  

Comparison of Top 10 Specialties with Highest % Texas Medical Graduates Leaving Texas for 2007 - 2012

2012 Top 10 Specialty Programs Leaving Texas for GME by Specialty Percentage (grouped by Texas or Other States)  

Analysis Tables of GME Programs for Highest % Texas Grads Staying and Leaving Texas

Map: Top States Texas EXPORTED Medical Graduates to in 2012, for all specialties, all post-grad years, in order of number of graduates

2012 Match Day Results for Texas (All of the above reports, excluding export map)   


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