TMA Membership Exceeds 46,000!

Thank you so much! TMA membership recently passed the milestone of 46,000, and the year isn't over yet. We are projecting ending 2012 with about 46,500 members – on our way to 50,000, the goal of TMA President Michael E. Speer, MD. That means TMA remains the largest (and the best) state medical association in the country. The more members we represent, the stronger our collective voice, and the more we can accomplish for every Texas physician and the patients you serve. 

The next legislative session is right around the corner. Rest assured, no one will fight harder to restore a sense of control, stop the tide of decisions made by others, make sure you are paid what you're worth, and allow you more time for patient care.

Renew your membership today or recruit a new member.

For more information, contact the TMA Knowledge Center by telephone at (800) 880-7955 or by email

Action, Nov. 2, 2012