New MAC Means New LCDs

Novitas Solutions will begin administrating all Part B Medicare claims filed in Texas Nov. 19 as it takes over from TrailBlazer Health Enterprises as the state's Medicare administrative contractor (MAC). 

Changes to current local coverage determinations (LCDs) may impact your practice. Novitas Solutions has added 25 new LCDs, while retiring 35 previously covered under TrailBlazer. It is important to note that all retired LCDs will continue to be effective for dates of service before the cutover to Novitas Solutions. 

A comprehensive crosswalk of current, retiring, and new LCDs is on the Novitas Solutions JH LCD Crosswalks web page. This site includes a breakdown of the outgoing TrailBlazer LCD numbers and their new, corresponding Novitas Solutions numbers. 

TMA's upcoming Medicare 2013 Seminar series will outline how these changes will impact physician practices.  

Action, Sept. 17, 2012