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Do you want to make your TMA Be Wise — ImmunizeSM event a success? Check out these ideas that have worked for your peers in their communities. Your outreach event can focus on providing vaccinations or educating the public that vaccines are important, safe, and effective.

TMA has all the educational and outreach materials you need to put on a first-rate event. Be Wise even offers grants for local vaccination events. And check out our Quick Start Manual, a step-by-step guide for event planning.

Flu Shot Clinic
Offer vaccinations for the entire family at a fall flu shot clinic. Or target a particular population, such as child care workers. This inexpensive vaccine can offer big results for a small amount of money. And you don’t have to check shot records because the vaccine is recommended annually for anyone over six months of age.

Back-to-School Vaccination Clinic
Host an annual back-to-school shot clinic to get students ready for a new school year. Back-to-school events easily lend themselves to community collaboration. A local health department might provide vaccinations, a local retailer or charitable organization school supplies, a grocery store water and snacks, and the city an air-conditioned location.

Medical Family Collaboration
Make Be Wise a TMA family affair by bringing together physicians, alliance members, and medical students to provide immunization services. With physician supervision, the med students can give the shots. Alliance members can direct traffic and oversee other aspects of the event.

Vaccinate Before You Graduate
Catch up high school seniors on their vaccinations before they graduate with a spring shot clinic. If your high schools have college nights, a shot clinic would be a great add-on. Or have a stand-alone event. You can provide only meningococcal vaccinations, now required for college entrance in Texas, or all adolescent vaccines. Plus, you can encourage the students to sign up for Texas’ adult immunization registry, ImmTrac, to track their vaccinations.   
Wise Guys Immunize
Host a Wise Guys Immunize event near Father’s Day to encourage dads to get themselves and their families vaccinated. You might target vaccinations for the entire family, such as pertussis or flu. Encourage attendance with family-oriented door prizes, such as family movie and bowling passes, and perhaps an autograph signing with local sports celebrities.

School Physicals and Immunizations
Add vaccinations if you already provide school athletic physicals. Often, students who need the free physicals also need to be brought current on their immunizations. To simplify the event, secure the permissions and other paperwork beforehand so parents don’t have to be on site during the event.

ZIP Code/Neighborhood Targeting
You probably know the areas of town where low-income, and under- and uninsured residents live. Focus your next Be Wise — Immunize event in one of those ZIP codes areas. You can blanket the area with vaccination information and/or sponsor an immunization event.

Pertussis/Cocooning Event
Protect infants too young to be vaccinated by giving whooping cough (pertussis) vaccinations (TDaP for tetanus, diphtheria, and pertussis) to those around them — parents, grandparents, siblings, or other caregivers. Infant Immunization Week in April is a perfect time.

Be Wise, Hard Hats Combo Events
Combine a Be Wise vaccination clinic with a TMA Hard Hats for Little Heads giveaway. A helmet can be the perfect reward for a child after receiving his or her vaccinations.

School Partnerships
Work with school nurses to ensure kids meet school vaccination requirements. You might target a particular age, such as sixth-graders, who need a meningococcal booster for seventh grade.  Have the school nurses distribute consent forms to parents. With advance consent, you can administer vaccinations on a scheduled day in the school.

Recognized Observances
Combine your vaccination event with a recognized observance for added exposure to the cause. 


  • National Cancer Prevention Month 


  • National Public Health Week
  • National Infant Immunization Week  


  • National Immunization Awareness Month


  • Healthy Aging Month 


  • Influenza Awareness Day in Texas (Oct. 1)
  • Start of flu season


  • National Influenza Vaccination Week 

Child Care/Health Care Worker Clinics
Protect young children and patients with a vaccination clinic for professionals. Give flu shots or other required vaccinations, such as TDaP. Training sessions/conferences are good times for vaccination or educational events. You might even issue a challenge to encourage participation.

Creative Vaccine Information Distribution
Think outside the box for ways to distribute Be Wise — Immunize vaccination literature: welcome neighbor baskets; Women, Infants, and Children, and/or food bank packets; and new parent hospital take-home bags. Each community is unique but think about service or public health organizations you can partner with to reach underserved families with children.


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February 12, 2018

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