AMA Trains Politicians

The American Medical Association Political Action Committee will conduct two events next year for physicians and their spouses who want to become involved in politics, either as candidates or campaign staff members.

The first is the annual Candidate Workshop in Pentagon City, Va., Feb. 15-17, for those who are considering running for public office. It includes training on campaign strategy and media advertising, as well as hands-on sessions in public speaking and fundraising. Past graduates have been elected to offices across the country, from city commissioner to state boards of education to the U.S. House of Representatives.

The second is the annual Campaign School, April 17-21, in Pentagon City for AMA members who want to become involved in the political process as advocates and volunteers for medicine-friendly candidates. The school is organized around a simulated congressional campaign, where participants are put on campaign "staff" teams and attend daily lectures on campaign strategy, media advertising, and political fundraising. Each team participates in nightly exercises such as creating a campaign strategy, taping a radio commercial, writing a political fundraising letter, and holding a press conference.

For more information, email, call (202) 789-7465, or review some AMA FAQs.

Action, Sept. 5, 2012

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