Reinstate Medicare Auto Recoupment Under New Process

TrailBlazer has a new process for the automatic offset of recoupments for Medicare overpayments. Medicare physicians currently in an immediate recoupment arrangement with TrailBlazer need to submit a new request to reinstate it under the new process.  

You can elect the immediate recoupment process to avoid making payment by check and/or avoid paying interest if the recoupment pays the debt in full before day 31. Some things to remember:

  • TrailBlazer must receive your request for immediate recoupment in writing (through regular mail, fax, or email) no later than the 16th day from the date of the initial demand letter.  
  • The request may be for a particular overpayment or as a permanent request for all overpayments.
  • A request for immediate recoupment is considered voluntary repayment. 
  • By choosing immediate recoupment, you waive your rights to Section 935 interest, which is awarded when an administrative law judge or appellate judge makes a decision partially or fully in your favor.
  • You can terminate the immediate recoupment process at any time through a written request.

 To request immediate recoupment, use the Part B Immediate Recoupment Form (PDF) to ensure timely routing of your request. The request must include the following:

  • Your name and contact phone number,
  • Your Provider Transaction Access Number and/or National Provider Identifier,
  • Your or the chief financial officer’s signature,
  • Letter number, and
  • Which option you are requesting.

 Sent the request to TrailBlazer Health Enterprises, LLC, Attn: Part B Debt Collection & Referral.

  • You may complete the form online, and email it as an attachment to (this will suffice for the required signature);
  • Fax the form to (903) 463-8005; or 
  • Mail it to 3101 S. Woodlawn, Denison, TX 75020 

If sufficient funds are not available at the time of initial recoupment, offset will continue to occur until the debt is satisfied. If the debt is not collected in full within 30 days of the demand letter, you will be charged interest on any outstanding principal balance.

Note: Do not use the immediate recoupment process for payments related to voluntary refunds/self-disclosed Medicare overpayments.  

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Published July 17, 2012 

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