Recruiting for Your Practice? Screen Candidates

Selecting the perfect candidate for your practice can be more challenging than it seems. Most of us like to think we’re good at reading people and determining if a candidate is honest and trustworthy. So if the candidate appears to have good skills and is professional in person, is there really a need to do a reference check, background check, and even an educational verification?

According to TMA practice management associate Celeste Vasquez, the answer is most certainly yes.

“A client recently requested that I run an educational verification because the practice’s previous employee had lied about receiving her degree and also embezzled money. When I received the results, it was discovered that this candidate never received her bachelor’s degree!” Ms. Vasquez said.

This was the first time Ms. Vasquez had run an educational verification, and she is likely to recommend it to her clients in the future. “You can never be too cautious when hiring a new employee. You will be trusting that employee with confidential information and depending on them to professionally represent your practice, so it is an extremely important decision,” she said. If you would like help with hiring quality health care professionals, you can turn to TMA Practice Consulting. A consultant will collect job-related information, provide salary recommendations, place employment ads, participate in the interview process, and conduct many background checks for qualified candidates. For more information, contact TMA Practice Consulting at (800) 523-8776 or[at]texmed[dot]org.

Published May 23, 2012


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June 23, 2016

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