Resources for Reducing Emergency Crowding


Many Texas hospital emergency departments frequently struggle with boarding, overcrowding, and ambulance diversion, prompting various organizations to develop resources to improve the situation. Emergency Department Crowding: High-Impact Solutions, a report from the American College of Emergency Physicians (ACEP) offers several solutions to reduce the time patients are boarded in emergency. 

 In December 2011, the Joint Commission released revised standards for addressing patient flow in emergency departments. The new standards address the management of the emergency department patient flow as a system-wide issue, emphasizing the use of data and metrics to monitor flow. They also address the safety and care of patients waiting for placement in a specialized mental health facility. 

Physicians and hospitals were encouraged to comment on the proposed standards. ACEP submitted its  comments in late January. Once the Joint Commission adopts the new standards, TMA will publish an announcement in Action  

Action, May 15, 2012