RAC Demand Letters Now on Green Paper

If you receive a letter from TrailBlazer Health Enterprises on light green paper in a window envelope, be sure to read it.

It is a demand, or repayment, letter resulting from a finding by the Medicare Recovery Audit Contractor (RAC) auditor that Medicare has overpaid you.

Since January, TrailBlazer rather than RAC auditor Connolly, Inc., has been sending letters to physicians who Connolly has determined received overpayments from Medicare. However, physicians and providers expressed concerns about trying to easily distinguish these RAC demand letters from other types of Medicare correspondence they receive in the mail from TrailBlazer.

As a result, beginning April 23, 2012, RAC demand letters for Part B dated April 27, 2012, and after are printed on light green paper.

Identifying these letters when they arrive is important because you because you have limited time to appeal the request for repayment if you believe it is made in error.

Hopefully your practice won’t receive any light green letters from TrailBlazer. Be sure to keep your eye on the list of Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS)-approved audit issues to help you steer clear of a RAC audit.

In addition, TMA’s webinar “Avoiding RAC Audits” shows you how to conduct self-audits and correct potential RAC target areas. If you are subject to a RAC audit, TMA’s “Do You Know What to Do When Facing a CMS Audit?” webinar can help by explaining how you should react and what can happen after the audit. Register for either course in the TMA Education Center.

Published May 8, 2012 

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