TMLT Builds Nest Egg for Physicians

The Texas Medical Liability Trust (TMLT) offers a new benefit that sets up a "nest egg" for its 15,000 enrolled policyholders – the Trust Rewards Program. Each year that physicians renew their policy with TMLT, funds will be set aside in their Trust Rewards account. The funds will be distributed to enrolled physicians when they retire or when other qualifying events occur.

Trust Rewards accounts are free to policyholders and are funded annually. In 2012, $100 million is allocated for policyholders. TMLT will mail quarterly statements detailing the first distribution to enrolled physicians in early April.

Yearly distributions will range from $1,000 to $60,000 per policyholder.

TMLT policyholders must enroll in Trust Rewards to begin receiving allocations. Enrollment forms are available on the TMLT website. Policyholders can also contact TMLT customer service at (800) 580-8658 or by email.

"We would like to encourage every policyholder to enroll in Trust Rewards so we can begin funding their accounts," said Charles R. Ott Jr., president and chief executive officer of TMLT. "This program is completely free to policyholders; there is no catch. All they need to do is enroll."

TMLT was created by, and is the only professional liability insurance company exclusively endorsed by, TMA for the benefit of its members.

Action, April 3, 2012