JCAHO Pain Management Services

Joint Commission Resources, Inc. provides menu of innovative educational and consultation services focused on assisting health care organizations in meeting the Joint Commission's new pain management standards. These standards became effective for accredited organizations as of Jan. 1, 2001. This pain management series includes:

On-site consultation services, focusing on assessing your organization's compliance with the new standards, as well as on providing expert and practical technical assistance in implementing an effective and comprehensive pain management program. In addition, sample tools and resources such as pain assessment instruments, clinical practice guidelines, and competence assessment approaches may be provided based on identified needs.

Pain management consultants and faculty are nationally recognized experts who offer "real world" solutions in this often-challenging area.

Custom education programs on pain management can be tailored to the specific educational needs of your medical and clinical staff. Also offered are a variety of educational approaches, including on-site education at your organization, teleconferences, and Internet audioconferences. A Joint Commission Resources manager of professional services can discuss custom educational services further. Please call (630) 268-7400 for questions or additional information.

VIDEOS: Pain Management Across the Continuum of Care: The Patient's Experience follows two patients through the continuum of care at a local hospital as they are treated for injuries sustained in an accident. From pre-entry through discharge it will take you through the different levels of treatment and show you how the new Joint Commission Pain Management standards are met. Assessing Compliance with the New Pain Management Standards two tape set, the first of which focuses on the definition of pain, why pain goes untreated, barriers to pain management, and an explanation of the new standards. Tape two focuses on the implementation of the standards and features five case studies from different types of health care settings.

The new Pain Assessment and Management Publication provides practical help in integrating pain assessment and management into organizational systems, and includes case studies of pain assessment to illustrate an organizational approach in hospital, long term care, home care, and ambulatory care settings, as well as addressing emotional and behavioral health care issues.

For more information on JCAHO services or to order materials, visit their web site at www.jcaho.org.