How Valuable Is Your TMA Membership?

Austin otolaryngologist Daniel Leeman, MD, gained a 1,520-percent return on his TMA and county medical society annual dues investment.

Just how valuable is your investment in TMA? Find out by visiting the interactive TMA Return-on-Investment (ROI) Calculator. Use this tool to learn more about the value of your membership and the many benefits TMA and your county society offer you. You'll see that the benefits you receive far exceed the dollars spent. Add up your TMA membership return on investment with the TMA ROI Calculator, and then renew your TMA and county society membership today!

Not sure how to make the most of your membership or how to tap into TMA's many benefits and services? Contact the TMA Knowledge Center by telephone at (800) 880-7955 or by email to find out

Action, March 1, 2012