TMA's Committee on Rural Health

The Committee on Rural Health is charged to work toward the improvement of rural health in general. In addition, the committee shall review and comment on governmental laws, regulations, and activities which have an impact on the practice of medicine in rural areas; develop concepts and proposals that will specifically address the needs of rural areas; monitor and evaluate the problems of small and rural hospitals; educate physicians and the public on the status of physicians, support facilities and support personnel in rural areas of Texas; and maintain liaison with groups having similar interests.

Ron McMurry, MD, Chair (2013)
Jasper, TX
(409) 384-8171, Fax: (409) 384-9302
(2010-2013, 1st) FM

Adrian N. Billings, MD
Alpine, TX
(432) 837-9221, Fax (432) 837-7309
(2009-2013, 2nd) FM

Katharina Hathaway, MD
Austin, TX
(512) 680-9880, Fax: (512) 478-7608
(2011-2014, 1st) FM

James R. Lee, MD
Hamilton, TX
(254) 386-3102, Fax: (254) 386-4950 
(2008-2014, final) FM

Raja Nicolas Salameh, MD
Mission, TX
(956) 467-1401, Fax: (866) 527-0880
(2009-2014, final) U

William F. Sorrels, DO, FAAP
San Angelo, TX
(325) 944-8900 ext 209, Fax: (325) 947-0101
(2008-2013, final) PD

Jose A. Vazquez, MD
Rio Grande City, TX
(956) 487-5621, Fax: (956) 487-0097
(2006-2012, final) IM

Jonathan Wayne Williams, MD
Wichita Falls, TX
(940) 569-1177, Fax: (940) 569-4969
(2011-2014, 1st) FM

Special Appointees:
Susan Parhizgar, MSS Rep
Fort Worth, TX
(806) 795-1127

Jessica L. Stachyra, MSS Alt Rep
Spring, TX
(713) 377-2855

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