Congratulations to North Texas REC!

Congratulations to the North Texas Regional Extension Center (REC) for achieving 100 percent of its enrollment goal of 1,498 primary care physicians. All four of the Texas RECs must meet an enrollment milestone to continue their important work of helping physicians with their practice technology needs. North Texas REC is the first Texas REC to meet this important milestone. That means the first round of federal grant payments to North Texas REC are now completed. However, the REC can earn additional grant payments for helping physicians implement an electronic medical record system and attain meaningful use.

What does that mean for Texas physicians? Physicians in the North Texas REC service area may still enroll to receive the services. The enrollment fee for primary care physicians is now $600 (previously $300). Although specialists are not eligible for the federally subsidized services, they also may enroll in North Texas REC for $600 and get a quote based on their practice needs.  

Physicians in the service area for the other Texas RECs should consider moving quickly to enroll before those RECs reach their milestones – and they are getting close! Once a REC reaches its milestone, enrollment options and pricing may change. In some cases, the increase may be significant because the federal grant funds will have expired.   

TMA recognizes the value the RECs bring to Texas physicians and encourages enrollment. For eligibility details and contact information, visit the TMA website. For questions related to the RECs and health information technology, call TMA at (880) 880-5720 or email HIT

Action, Jan. 17, 2012