TMA, a Physician’s Strongest Advocate

The stakes facing physician practices are higher than ever, particularly because of ever-evolving state and federal regulations, new compliance standards, and insurance hassles imposed on practices. You're probably worried and feeling a bit frantic. In Texas, no one is better equipped to fight for and serve physicians than TMA.

When you need help understanding the changes or juggling the demands of your practice, TMA can help. If not for TMA, whom could you trust to alert and guide you on things such as:

  • Achieving meaningful use,
  • Preparing for the new HIPAA 5010 electronic standards and ICD-10 codes for medical diagnoses and inpatient procedures,
  • Keeping up with changes in payment practices and regulations, and
  • Taking immediate actions to keep your practice afloat and in compliance?

Working together, we can ensure that physician practices are viable and strong, and our collective voice advocates for a practice environment that protects the patient-physician relationship and independent medical decisions.

Renew your TMA membership today and ensure continued access to both TMA experts and the many benefits and services you receive as a member.

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Action, Feb. 1, 2012