HHSC Makes Medicaid E-Prescribing Easier

The Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) has implemented new procedures to allow physicians in the Medicaid program to write prescriptions for brand-name drugs using an electronic health record (EHR). Medicaid requires physicians wanting to prescribe a brand-name drug for which a generic is available to handwrite "Brand Medically Necessary" across the face of the prescription. The rule has impeded physicians from using an EHR for these prescriptions.

To comply with the requirement while using an EHR, HHSC says physicians must follow these two rules:

  • Select "Dispense as Written" on the electronic prescription pad, and¬†
  • Include "Brand Medically Necessary" in the "Notes to Pharmacy" field.

The pharmacy must contact the physician for a new prescription if it receives an e-prescription that indicates "Dispense as Written" but does not have "Brand Medically Necessary" in the text or additional note field.

All paper prescriptions must continue to comply with the "Brand Medically Necessary" prescription requirements.

Action, Oct. 17, 2011