TMLT Cuts Premiums Again

For the ninth consecutive year since tort reform, the Texas Medical Liability Trust (TMLT) is cutting its liability insurance premiums. This time, the TMLT Board of Governors approved an average 6.9-percent cut in liability premiums and an 18.5-percent dividend for renewing policyholders.

TMLT said while the cut, effective Jan. 1, averages 6.9 percent, the reduction will vary by specialty and the geographic location of a physician's medical practice. The combined rate reduction and dividend will save policyholders nearly $35.8 million in 2012 premiums, TMLT said.

"Physicians work within an environment of decreasing reimbursements and increasing operating costs. We are hopeful that these reductions and dividends will help physicians as they help patients," said TMLT President and Chief Executive Officer Charles R. (Chip) Ott Jr. 

TMLT has reduced rates for Texas physicians every year since the legislature passed health care liability reform in 2003. The 2012 rate reduction saves TMLT policyholders about $10.4 million. In addition, TMLT has declared a policyholder dividend seven times since then. The latest rate cut and dividend means its policyholders will have saved $745.5 million since tort reform, TMLT says.

Physicians interested in applying for TMLT coverage  or who would like more information about how the rate decrease and dividend will benefit them can call the TMLT Sales Department at (800) 580-8658. Current policyholders will receive detailed information from TMLT before their policy renews or they may ask their underwriter.

TMLT is the state's largest medical liability insurance provider, serving more than 15,000 members. TMA created and endorsed TMLT, and it is owned by its policyholders.

Action, Sept. 1, 2011

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June 22, 2016

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