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Antitrust Issues

Texas Antitrust Monograph
Risk sharing, IPAs, integration ... how much is enough to make a difference for physicians concerned about antitrust enforcement? This monograph reviews the legal doctrine and case law you need to know.
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Assessing an Independent Practice Association
As managed care has continued to expand into all areas of Texas, an increasing number of physicians are examining the option of joining together. With the passage of Senate Bill 1468, which will allow physicians to collectively negotiate with payers under certain circumstances, this trend is expected to increase. There are a number of different alternatives available to physicians who want to form physician-directed entities, including independent practice associations (IPAs), integrated medical groups, and nonprofit health care corporations (NPHCs), also known as 5.01(a)s. Members Only Banner Logo Black  

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Tired of letting insurance carriers get the best of you? Need to vent your frustration regarding an insurance carrier? Whenever your medical office has coding or billing problems, TMA staff are just a phone call away to help.
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Managed Care Contracting
Need help evaluating managed care contracts? Andre Hampton, JD, and Michael Z. Stern, JD, of the Law Office of Hubert Bell Jr., review new or existing contracts for legal pitfalls.

Business Planning
As physicians become more discerning in dealing with managed care issues, they are recognizing the need to develop strategies that will help them remain competitive.

Seminars and Publications
Medical Records Handbook ; Policy and Procedure Manual ; Transitions; Workers' Compensation Manual ; and Medicare and Medicaid Indexes .

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June 27, 2016

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