DPS Extends Controlled Substance Certificate Renewals

The Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) says it will grant physicians 30 days to correct incomplete or inaccurate applications to renew controlled substance certificates.

DPS is working to eliminate a backlog of physicians' applications to renew their controlled substance certificates. Based on information received by the Texas Medical Association staff, there are at least 3,000 applications for renewal by the end of July and another 4,500 for August. As of 5 pm on Thursday, July 28, DPS was still processing 534 applications for July, and the department pledged to complete those applications by the close of business on the next day. Of the certificates due to expire in July, DPS said 1,355 applications had yet to be submitted or were incorrect or incomplete.

Department personnel are working to ensure that no registrant's authorization expires, including those renewal applications that were not received timely," DPS said in a press statement.

After inquiries by TMA to DPS and Gov. Rick Perry's office, DPS officials said the Controlled Substance Division staff worked last weekend and at night this week to process the backlog of applications, caused by the agency's new computer system not working as fast as expected. This will continue until the application processing is up to date.

You may check the status of your application online. Enter your DPS number. This should bring up your record. If the expiration date is in 2012, DPS has renewed your certificate. DPS updates the database nightly.

DPS will mail a renewal confirmation, but TMA suggests you print a copy of the registration page showing the new 2012 expiration date to prove you have a current DPS registration number.

DPS said the department had received only 20 percent of the applications for certificates that will expire Aug. 31. "We encourage persons whose registrations will expire to submit their applications as soon as possible," the DPS press statement said.

If you need to fax a renewal form application, fax it to (512) 424-5373. You may email questions to DPS by logging on to the DPS website.

Action, Aug. 1, 2011