2011 TMA Minority Scholarship Recipients

 Meet the first-year Texas medical students awarded a scholarship in 2011!

  Liz Arellano will attend The University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston this fall. Her goal is to practice in an underserved area of Texas. “…by practicing in a somewhat small area, I will be able to develop a relationship with my patients both inside and outside the clinical setting. Such a relationship will foster into one of trust and caring on both sides.” 

  Victor S. Jackson will attend The University of Texas Medical Branch this fall. He believes he is “a steward of the life and opportunity I have been given” and plans on giving back. “…I will make it my lifelong mission to champion existing programs and develop new ones that strive to deliver compassionate, quality health care to both rich and poor Texans, alike.” 

  Ernest Juarez will attend the University of North Texas Health Science Center at Fort Worth this fall. He believes it is critically important for physicians to go beyond treating illness and to stress healthy habits at the grassroots level. “As a physician, I believe I can do my part by going to schools and speaking with young people on the importance of maintaining a healthy life style along with its benefits.” 

  Aziza Kedir will attend The University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio. She believes that the best medicine is prevention. “By teaching people how to prevent diseases rather than just treating the diseases as they occur, I honestly believe that we as a state and a country will be well on our way to becoming a healthier more active society.” 

  Sergio Montano will attend The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas this fall. He is startled by the changing demographics in Texas and sees opportunities for medicine. “With the population continuously growing in numbers and diversity, it us our responsibility to address the needs of all Texans.” 

  Vanessa Parada will attend Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center Paul L. Foster School of Medicine in El Paso this fall. She is concerned how physicians will stay true to the Hippocratic oath in the face of a difficult economy, increasing unemployment and changes in the future of healthcare. Her response to this is, “Not only do these issues attract me to serve the people of Texas, but they also make me passionate about empowering and educating minorities, children, and women so that the health of every Texan is improved.” 

Ana Salazar will attend Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center, Lubbock in the fall. Her volunteer experiences have informed her vision of improving the health of all Texans. “As a physician, I hope to be able to help educate my community in the area of healthcare, more specifically preventive medicine, and to help make access to this type of information readily available.” 

Antonio Toribio will attend Texas A&M University Health Science Center in College Station in the fall. He has a vision helping those that might not otherwise have access to care. “I want to transform the healthcare system to provide exceptional medical care to underserved communities that is within their financial means. In order to accomplish my professional and personal goal, I will be actively involved in medical research, teaching and patient care from the beginning of my medical training. Change in healthcare begins with a vision and mine involves offering medical equality by educating and treating anyone in need.” 

Sarah Villarreal will attend Baylor College of Medicine in the fall. Coming from a family of ‘strong and persevering females” Sarah hopes to earn her place as an outstanding female in her family. “I like to believe that through becoming a compassionate physician, I can be one of the chosen physicians people turn to and trust in difficult times.”