Attestation Requirements for Medication Reconciliation

Attestation Requirements: 


  • DENOMINATOR: Number of transitions of care during the EHR reporting period for which the Eligible Physician (EP) or other eligible professional was the receiving party of the transition.
  • NUMERATOR: Number of transitions of care in the denominator where medication reconciliation was performed.
  • EXCLUSION: If an EP was not on the receiving end of any transition of care during the EHR reporting period they would be excluded from this requirement. EPs must select NO next to the appropriate exclusion, then click the APPLY button in order to attest to the exclusion.

The resulting percentage (Numerator ÷ Denominator) must be more than 50 percent in order for an EP to meet this measure.



 Additional Information: 

  • Only patients whose records are maintained using certified EHR technology should be included in the denominator for transitions of care.
  • In the case of reconciliation following transition of care, the receiving EP should conduct the medication reconciliation.
  • The measure of this objective does not dictate what information must be included in medication reconciliation. Information included in the process of medication reconciliation is appropriately determined by the provider and patient. 

Last Updated On

February 27, 2012