Attestation Requirements for Privacy and Security

Attestation Requirements: 


Eligible physicians (EPs) or other eligible professionals must attest YES to having conducted or reviewed a security risk analysis in accordance with the requirements under 45 CFR 164.308(a)(1) and implemented security updates as necessary and corrected identified security deficiencies prior to or during the EHR reporting period to meet this measure.


 Additional Information: 

  • EPs must conduct or review a security risk analysis of certified EHR technology and implement updates as necessary at least once prior to the end of the EHR reporting period and attest to that conduct or review. The testing could occur prior to the beginning of the first EHR reporting period. However, a new review would have to occur for each subsequent reporting period.
  • A security update would be required if any security deficiencies were identified during the risk analysis. A security update could be updated software for certified EHR technology to be implemented as soon as available, changes in workflow processes or storage methods, or any other necessary corrective action that needs to take place in order to eliminate the security deficiency or deficiencies identified in the risk analysis.

Last Updated On

February 27, 2012