Attestation Requirements for Demographics

Attestation Requirements: 


  • DENOMINATOR: Number of unique patients seen by the Eligible Physician (EP) or other eligible professional during the EHR reporting period.
  • NUMERATOR: Number of patients in the denominator who have all the elements of demographics (or a specific exclusion if the patient declined to provide one or more elements or if recording an element is contrary to state law) recorded as structured data. 

The resulting percentage (Numerator ÷ Denominator) must be more than 50 percent in order for an EP to meet this measure.



 Additional Information: 

  • Race and ethnicity codes should follow current federal standards published by the Office of Management and Budget (
  • If a patient declines to provide all or part of the demographic information, or if capturing a patient’s ethnicity or race is prohibited by state law, such a notation entered as structured data would count as an entry for purposes of meeting the measure. In regards to patients who do not know their ethnicity, EPs should treat these patients the same way as patients who decline to provide race or ethnicity— identify in the patient record that the patient declined to provide this information.
  • EPs are not required to communicate with the patient in his or her preferred language in order to meet the measure of this objective.

Last Updated On

February 27, 2012