It’s Easy Being Green!

A little change can go a long way to help the environment. If you switch to a green energy source, you can drastically reduce your carbon footprint. Texas is the nation's largest producer of wind power; wind turbines supply about 20 percent of the electricity in the state's main power grid.

According to Energy Plus®, the preferred electricity supplier of TMA, benefits of wind power include:

  • Smaller environmental impact – Windmills do not release emissions that pollute the air or water, and using wind offsets the pollution created by fossil fuel power plants. Less pollution also reduces the negative impacts on our health.
  • Economic benefits – Wind farm development is an excellent source of local jobs. It also provides steady and significant revenue to the rural landowners, farmers, and communities in which turbines are located.
  • Save some green – Wind energy is an inexpensive green option and is cost-competitive with fossil fuels.
  • Infinite supply – Wind energy is renewable. It is an inexhaustible resource and won't deplete our world's natural resources.
  • Diversification – Wind power diversifies America's energy portfolio and reduces reliance on imported fuels. This stabilizes the cost of electricity and improves the quality of product and service.

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Action, April 15, 2011