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Take Winning Photos

Don’t overlook the importance of a great photo. Photos help capture the fun of your event. Plus, they provide an excellent way for TMA to share your work with grant funders and TMA physicians, medical students, and alliance members. At your next event, assign one or two people to capture the moment. Follow these tips about how to take a winning photo.

Event Photo Tips

  1. Use a camera, not a cell phone, for better quality.
  2. Take lots of photos. The best photographers take scores of photos in the hope they get that one magical picture.
  3. Take horizontal and vertical shots.
  4. Fill the photo with your subject to eliminate “dead” space (e.g., a child putting on a new helmet or a volunteer at work). “Less is more” when looking through the lens.
  5. Get level with or at eye-level with your subject.
  6. Take photos from several different angles or viewpoints. Your subject doesn’t always have to be looking at you. In fact, photos often look more natural if the subject isn’t looking directly at the camera.
  7. Capture smiles. Position yourself so you can see the child’s or volunteer’s face, rather than the back or side of the person’s head. For example, get a shot of child smiling as a volunteer fits his or her helmet.
  8. Take candid shots. Try to take as many candid shots as possible vs. posed ones. The story of your event is better told with a candid shot, such as a child receiving a new helmet or a vaccination.
  9. Look for a plain background. A cluttered background only distracts from the subject.
  10. Use a flash outdoors. Use a flash on cloudy and sunny days. The flash will brighten your photo on a cloudy day. On a sunny day, it reduces shadows.
  11. If you have the option, set your camera on “high resolution” for better photo quality.
  12. Feature the TMA family in your photos: physicians, alliance members, and medical students. And, encourage physicians at your event to wear their white coat in the photo.

Consent Forms and Tracking

    Always obtain a signed consent form for each child photographed. TMA can’t reprint a photo without parental consent. Look for a photo consent form in your event packet or get one online.

  1. Correctly match each consent form with the right photo. One way to keep track of which consent form goes with each child is to write down what the child was wearing or some other description.
  2. Submit your best photo to your local newspaper, along with a short news release or short description of the photo to get publicity after your event.
  3. Remember: Send your winning photos and consent forms to TMA’s outreach coordinator in electronic or print format so we can promote your successful event in TMA publications. We also share your photos with the program’s grant funders.

Send to: tmaoutreachcoordinator[at]texmed[dot]org. Or mail to Tammy Wishard, Texas Medical Association, 401 W. 15th St., Austin 78701.


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May 20, 2016