EHR Incentive Program Resources

Unsure which electronic health record (EHR) incentive program is right for you? TMA has resources to help you make this important decision. Registration opened in January for both EHR incentive programs. If you are one of the many Texas physicians planning to enroll in either program, we recommend you start as soon as possible.

 TMA's resources include:

If you wait to participate until after 2011, you have that much less time to meet the stage one EHR criteria. Medicare incentives are largest in 2011-12. In addition, physicians who cannot demonstrate meaningful use of a certified EHR system by 2015 will receive smaller Medicare payments. Starting the program early could give you an advantage on incentive payments and meaningful use requirements.

Federal subsidies are available for technical consulting through the Texas regional extension centers (RECs). Subsidies lower the cost of consulting, valued at $5,000, to $300 for primary care physicians. If you already use an EHR system or if you are ready to adopt one, the RECs can help you meet the criteria necessary to earn EHR incentives. 

Visit the TMA REC Resource Center for more information.   

What can I do now?
Step 1:  Call the Texas REC in your area for guidance.
Step 2: 
Select and adopt a certified EHR

Step 3:  Meet the meaningful use criteria (
quick glance criteria [PDF] and in-depth criteria [PDF]).
Step 4:  Register for Medicare's Provider Enrollment, Chain, and Ownership System.  
Step 5:  Register at the CMS Registration and Attestation Portal.

What can I do later?
Step 6:  Obtain EHR certification code (instructions).
Step 7:  Complete 
reporting and attestation
Step 8:  Receive incentive payment.

Action, March 1, 2011