Cancer Detection and Prevention

Texans has chosen to fight cancer head on. In 2007, Texas voters spoke loudly by passing a constitutional amendment to create the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute (CPRIT). It authorized up to $3 billion over 10 years to fund cancer research.

In its first fiscal year, CPRIT has invested in Texans’ quality of life by funding $216 million annually in cancer research and prevention right here in Texas. CPRIT approved and funded 155 cancer research and prevention grants at 43 different Texas institutions, organizations and private companies. Every dollar invested in cancer research returns about $16 in medical cost savings. Plus, it helps to create jobs and economic development in Texas. A 2010 study found the annual impact of all prevention and research programs associated with CPRIT on Texas business was $852.3 million.

That’s why TMA asks legislators to follow the will of Texas’ voters and fully fund the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute. Much more needs to be done to prevent more than 100,000 Texans from being diagnosed each year with cancer. Funding invested in cancer prevention, detection, and screening is crucial to ensuring Texans receive the best care possible — and to stopping cancer before it ever strikes.

  Medicine’s 2011 Agenda

  • Support full funding for the Cancer Prevention and Research Institute of Texas.
  • Maintain current funding for the Texas Breast and Cervical Cancer Program.
  • Support a comprehensive statewide initiative to eliminate exposure to secondhand smoke in all indoor workplaces
  • Support legislative efforts to further develop Texas’ cancer control infrastructure.

Medicine’s Message

  • More than 101,000 Texans will be diagnosed with cancer this year. Cancer follows only heart disease as a leading cause of death in the United States and Texas.
  • Fighting cancer is expensive. The total cost of cancer in Texas in 2007 was $21.9 billion
  • Texas is fighting cancer head-on. The Cancer Prevention and Research Institute invests in Texans’ quality of life by funding $216 million annually in cancer research and prevention conducted right here in Texas.
  • Texas physicians often are on the frontline of cancer detection and prevention. They save lives by properly diagnosing symptoms and conducting appropriate cancer screenings. Training physicians on the latest scientific advances in cancer detection, screening, and prevention is essential for patients.