North Texas Regional Extension Center (NTREC)

The NTREC provides assistance with selecting, implementing and optimizing EHR systems to achieve meaningful use. 

Call the NTREC at (469) 648-5140,  e-mail  or visit the  NTREC website  to sign up for services.

NTREC is physician centric and provides on-site services at subsidized rates for primary care physicians. Specialists can also receive NTREC services. Contact the REC directly for pricing. Consulting assistance for EHR Activities and Meaningful Use will include the following: 

  • Initial practice assessment (4-6 hours) 
  • Vendor evaluation and selection (12-18 hours) 
  • Workflow analysis and process redesign (12-16 hours) 
  • Implementation project review (4-8 hours) 
  • Post-implementation review (2-4 hours) 
  • Meaningful use gap analysis/certification (4-6 hours) 
  • Security Risk Assessment (6-10 hours)
  • CMS Audit Readiness Assessment (8-12 hours) 


Still have a question?  Contact the TMA Health Information Technology helpline at (800) 880-5720, or  e-mail