Tips for Choosing an Outside Billing Service

Before you contract with an outside billing service, gather this information to help reduce your risk and get the service you need:

  • Request and review a copy of the service's compliance plan; if the company doesn't have a plan, look elsewhere for billing and collections services.
  • Determine if the billing service has ever been investigated for fraud and abuse.
  • Request a redacted copy of the standard financial reports the service gives its clients. Make sure the reports will provide the information you need to manage your billing and collections process.
  • Ask for a list (at least three) of references in your specialty. Call these clients to find out their level of satisfaction with the company.
  • Ask these questions:

    • Does the service have an outside auditing firm perform periodic audits?
    • Are the staff bonded?
    • What are the billing staff's qualifications, certifications, and levels of billing experience?
    • Does the service provide its billing staff ongoing training and continuing education?
    • How long has the company been in business?

Be sure to have an attorney review the contract of engagement before you sign. 

Revised July 1, 2014

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