TEXPAC Alliance Volunteers Make a Difference for Medicine

The 2012 campaign season is in full swing and TEXPAC physicians and Alliance members have started pounding the pavement, phone banking and stuffing envelopes on behalf of candidates who have pledged their commitment to medicine.

The TEXPAC Alliance Volunteer Days program is privileged to announce that during its second campaign season since inauguration, it will be working towards the election of a number of TMA and TMAA family members who have decided to seek office.

Past candidates who have received assistance from the TEXPAC Alliance Volunteer Days program informed us that volunteering time for their re-election efforts meant as much to them, and often times more, than the money TEXPAC contributed. No matter how well-known the candidate, recruiting volunteers can be difficult, and that a well-financed campaign means nothing without foot soldiers to spread the message to the electorate. The time our volunteers spend in the field will be remembered.

TEXPAC Alliance Volunteer Days is a natural complement to the already phenomenal efforts put forth during First Tuesdays and throughout the legislative and electoral cycles. It is a chance to build pivotal relationships with those who might ultimately hold that make-or-break vote for medicine. It is chance to show the political machine that we mean business, if you work hard for us, we will work hard for you. And yes, the work is hard; but it is worth it.

Everyone talks about fundraising, dialing for dollars, and PAC contributions. If campaigns were just about money, nobody would work in politics. The excitement lives in the field and in the get-out- the-vote efforts; talking with voters and the media; speaking from the heart; and the last minute sprint towards the end. We want you to be a part of that excitement. We need you to further the cause of medicine in the field. Are you ready to get started? Pick out your sneakers and practice your best phone voice. You are our next campaign volunteer!

For more information or to enlist email TEXPAC@texmed.org.

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November 07, 2017

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