HealthSmart Preferred Care Offers New Online Service


To register for the HealthSmart Preferred Care, Inc. online repricing claim status service, logon to the HSPC Web site, follow the registration procedures , and complete the application. Upon HSPC approval, you can access the system to view and print repricing sheets, check claim status, and obtain other pertinent information. (Because HSPC is not an insurance company and does not pay claims, you must channel all payment status inquiries through the payer.)

To access a repricing sheet, simply insert a date of service or a patient's last name. Once the sheet is downloaded, you can view all repricing completed by HSPC for that date or patient. In addition, the HSPC claim system allows you to perform the following:


  • View date received,
  • View date forwarded to payer,
  • View and print repricing sheet,
  • Obtain payer contact information,
  • Access payer Web site (if available), and
  • Check payment status (if available on payer Web site).

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