What Do Your Production Numbers Tell You?

In established practices, look for consistent revenue and production from month to month. In new practices, monitor the numbers to assure production is increasing each month.

In an established practice, if production is inconsistent, look at these factors to discover the cause:

  • Are claims being filed the same month as service was rendered?
  • Are charges for office visits and services being entered daily?
  • Are physicians submitting charges in a timely manner? If not, look for the reason charges are being held.
  • How many claims are filed each day? Does the number match the number of services performed?
  • If there is a problem with the number of claims filed, is it due to staff incompetency or an internal system problem? 

If your production is off, TMA Practice Consulting can help pinpoint the problem.  TMA's consultants can provide staff training or analyze your practice's internal systems and provide recommendations for improvement. Email or call us for more information at (800) 523-8776.

Last Updated On

June 23, 2016