Overwhelmed by Overtime?

Sometimes staff overtime in a medical practice is unavoidable - when you're relocating to a new office, for example, or converting to a new computer system. However, consistent overtime can "burn out" employees and drive up overhead. If overtime is an everyday occurrence in your office, you may want to identify the areas causing the extra hours and make some changes.

  • Do the physicians in your practice run late on a regular basis? Take a look at your scheduling and staffing patterns to see if you can make improvements.
  • Is overtime more frequent at certain times of the month or year? If so, consider hiring temporary employees during those peak times.
  • Could some areas of the practice be automated? If clinical staff stay late each day to phone patients with lab and test results, an automated system may be the answer.

TMA Practice Consulting can help you assess your scheduling, staffing, and other business office procedures that may be contributing to overtime. For more information, contact TMA Practice Consulting  today.

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Last Updated On

June 23, 2016