A Message from Patty Loose, Austin

What an honor it is to represent the Texas Medical Association Alliance as the 98th President. As I was installed, I pondered the question-- Why are we a part of this organization? Because we care! We care about the family of medicine. We care about the future of medicine. And mostly, we care about the patients. 

They are why we all belong. But one important fact remains: If we weren’t here, they still would be. If we don’t fight this fight, whether it’s in our legislator’s office, in the examination rooms, or with the insurance companies, we certainly will never win the battle for a healthier Texas.  

At the 2015 TMAA Board Retreat, we watched a video titled: “212 degrees – The Extra Degree.” As you know, at 211 degrees Fahrenheit, water is very hot. But at 212 degrees Fahrenheit, it boils. One extra degree makes the difference. And one extra degree of effort, whether it’s in business or in life, separates the good from the great. We are fighting to protect the practice of medicine. We all face these challenges – this is not easy work; we are not here because it’s a picnic.

It’s time to turn up the heat. It’s time to turn up that extra degree. How?

Stronger partnerships between county medical societies and county medical alliances are vital to making this work. If you live in a county where that partnership doesn’t exist or is not very strong, let’s work together to make it better. In a time when numbers can sway decisions, it is in our best interest to create strong partnerships. And most importantly, let’s grow this organization. It is through membership that we will be able to make a difference in our communities. And it is with increased membership that we will be able to help educate and influence our legislators. Take an active role in helping our membership grow.

The alliance is an army of volunteers who are dedicated to helping the family of medicine. Why? Because we married it, in one form or another, we committed ourselves to the practice of medicine. Alliance members act as medicine’s advocates. We are out in the communities helping to give immunizations, educating on safety and obesity, organizing walks, and fitting helmets. We are medicine’s partners in this fight! And we are ready to give that EXTRA DEGREE!  

I look forward to serving the Texas Medical Association Alliance this year. It is a privilege and an honor to work beside Dr. Tomas Garcia. We will share our passion and our energy with both TMA and TMAA in the fight for medicine.  

Patty Loose
2015-2016 President

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