A Message from Debbie Pitts, Tyler

While not originally from Texas, I have spent the majority of my time on earth in the Lone Star State. It’s big and beautiful, and chock full of some of the best physicians in the world. We have first-class facilities and cutting-edge care that are the envy of other places across the globe. And, we have an inspirational and dedicated core of leaders at the helm of both TMA and the alliance who make us the strongest associations of our kind in the country.

In 2018, our TMA Alliance will celebrate 100 years of promoting good health and advocating for the practice of medicine. In 1918, in San Antonio, a group of women met for the first time to become an organized statewide group of individuals to support and advance the profession of medicine. For almost a century, this organization has joined hands to support physicians and their spouses, to help provide community health initiatives for the health and well-being of Texans young and old, and to create a bond with other alliance women and men along the way.  

Fast forward to 2016; I am incredibly honored to be leading TMAA this coming year. It will be a year of travel, listening, encouraging and speaking for the rights of doctors and their patients as the next legislative year approaches. The alliance will once again join forces with TMA to participate in First Tuesdays as we visit and share concerns with our legislators. It will be a time to see the many community health projects that local alliances undertake, including the TMA and TMAA sponsored Be Wise—Immunize and Hard Hats for Little Heads. We have set some lofty goals for 2016, but we are up for the challenge.

As we prepare to step into our next century as an organization, TMAA will make membership a priority. We want to increase our effectiveness in order to make an even greater impact for Texas medicine and its future. We are committed to helping our local alliances grow and thrive in order to make medicine and our communities healthier!

As I begin my term as the 99th president of the Texas Medical Association Alliance, it will be my pleasure to join TMA’s 2016-17 President Don Read, MD, a distinguished leader with a long career of service to medicine, in leading our organizations during the coming year.

Debbie Pitts, Tyler
President, 2016-2017
Texas Medical Association Alliance