Five Keys to an Enforceable Collections Policy

Establish a collections policy for patients, or your slow payers will do it for you! Remember these five key elements: 

  1. Convey your attitude toward collections to your collection staff. Only when they know your attitude can your staff communicate effectively with patients about money. 
  2. Identify which staff member(s) is authorized to negotiate payment. 
  3. Follow the billing disclosure requirements for uninsured and indigent patients.
  4. Instruct your staff to follow the collection procedures outlined in your office policy manual.
  5. Finally, establish how far your office will go to enforce collections before turning debt over to an outside collection agency. 

Collecting bad debts is not the most pleasant part of running a medical office - but TMA can help. Contact TMA Practice Consulting  today to request a Billing and Collections Assessment proposal for your practice at (800) 523-8776, or e-mail TMA Practice Consulting. For outsourcing problem accounts, TMA has endorsed I.C. System . For details and collections, call I.C. System at (800) 279-3511 and mention that you are a TMA member.


Content reviewed: 3/23/2007

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