Comply With Laws Governing Debt Collection

Both federal and state laws govern debt collection, and you should know what you may and may not say or do when dealing with patients with past-due balances. Make sure your collections staff follow these five positive tips so they don't stray outside the law: 

  1. Always tell the truth.
  2. Don't claim to be someone you're not. 
  3. Keep things confidential.
  4. Be firm, but polite.
  5. Stick to official collection and credit reporting channels.

Following these simple tips makes it unnecessary to memorize the long list of specific lies the law forbids collectors to tell. For more advice on improving your practice's internal collection system or to find out about outsourcing problem accounts, contact I.C. System , a TMA-endorsed collections company, at (800) 279-3511. Be sure to mention that you are a TMA member. 

Content reviewed: 3/14/2007

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