Talk to Your Patients About…

  • TMA has tools to help you talk with your patients when they have concerns regarding childhood and adult vaccinations. Our current series features frequently asked questions – and answers – on a different topic each month.  

  • Talk to Patients About: The Autism Myth

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    It’s hard to find a medical myth that’s been more thoroughly debunked than the notion that the measles-mumps-rubella (MMR) vaccine causes autism.

    Vaccines Do Not Cause Autism  
  • Talk to Patients About: Vaccine Concerns

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    Thanks to the success of vaccines, some diseases are long forgotten, like polio and diphtheria. As a result, patients and physicians may not know how these diseases look and the ravages they can cause. TMA has resources that can equip you to talk to your patients and help them better understand vaccine-preventable childhood and adult diseases.

    Read More About Vaccine-Preventable Diseases  

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