Social Determinants of Health

Obstacles to Clear - 09/13/2021

Barriers stand in the way of physicians playing a greater role in addressing the social determinants of health, but awareness of those factors is increasing, and progress is happening.

Creative Collaboration: Here’s How Physician Practices Can Help Patients Address Their Social Determinants of Health - 09/06/2021

For physicians, addressing social determinants of health can be difficult because they are set in motion long before a patient arrives for a visit and can undermine the best of medications and treatments.

Healthy Determination: Texas Physicians are Finding Better Ways to Address Their Patients’ Social Determinants of Health - 09/06/2021

Austin pediatrician Sandra Frasser, MD, learned early in her medical career that many of the biggest health problems patients face cannot be fixed by a trip to the doctor’s office.

Health Disparity Report: Texas’ Black Infant Mortality Drops; Other Numbers Mixed - 07/14/2021

While the U.S. has made some improvements in health during recent years, deep and widespread health disparities persist – and, in some instances, have grown, according to the America’s Health Rankings 2021 Health Disparities Report, which also contains some Texas-specific data.

House Approves Bill to Help Address Social Determinants of Health - 05/06/2021

The Texas House of Representatives signed off on establishing a state office for health equity Wednesday morning, agreeing with medicine on the need for a new mechanism to address social determinants of health.

Hungering for a Solution: Physicians Can Help Tackle Food Insecurity - 02/01/2021

Not long after COVID-19 hit Texas last March, pediatricians at Austin Regional Clinic (ARC) began screening patients for food insecurity. The timing was coincidental but fortunate given the pandemic’s economic toll.

A Social Shift: COVID-19 Disparities Prompt Emphasis on Value-Based Care - 09/02/2020

COVID-19 disparities prompt Medicare to call for stronger emphasis on value-based care.

The Power of Data: UTHealth Publishes Claims Statistics - 04/30/2020

After three years of work, the Center for Healthcare Data at McGovern Medical School at UTHealth is sharing part of its growing trove of numbers for data-driven discussions on many aspects of health care in Texas. The center doesn’t have all the answers. But its work under a federal certification from the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has resulted in valuable state and regional statistics that the center leaders believe provide food not only for thought, but also for policy.

Healthy Life Requires More Than Just Good Health Care, Survey Says - 02/26/2020

People need good health care, but 57% of Texans know that isn’t everything when it comes to being healthy. Instead, factors like where people live, work, and relax have a bigger impact, most Texans told a recent survey.