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TMA Twitter Academy - 01/22/2021

Want to get started using social media, especially Twitter, for health care advocacy? Here's the place to start: Four basic lessons from the TMA Twitter Academy, lists of Twitter users to follow, and links to Twitter tools and apps.

Six Ways to Improve Your Practice Marketing - 10/02/2020

The Texas Medical Association has created a webinar that provides easy-to-follow steps to create and implement marketing strategies that fit your practice.

TMA Launches #MaskHero Campaign and Contest - 08/14/2020

What do Batman and Robin, Captain America, and the Flash have in common? They’re all superheroes whose usual masks wouldn’t do a very good job of stopping the spread of COVID-19 (if superheroes can catch the disease). But public health research demonstrates that nose-to-mouth masks, used correctly, are key to controlling the coronavirus. A new Texas Medical Association social media campaign salutes all the heroes across the state who are wearing the right masks the right way whenever they leave their homes.

Your Website + SEO = A Perfect Match - 02/14/2020

If you would like to learn how to build your online credibility and reach patients through effective SEO, tune into a free, 45-minute webinar by Officite, a Texas Medical Association endorsed vendor.

Q&A: Physician Podcaster Jeffrey Jarvis, MD - 01/02/2020

A love of teaching is what propelled Jeffrey Jarvis, MD, into his latest undertaking: hosting a nationally distributed podcast.

Social Media A Vital Tool for Influencing Policy, Panel Says - 12/13/2019

Social media has become indispensable for politicians to reach voters, but it's also a crucial way for voters – like physicians – to influence decision-makers and public opinion, a panel of state representatives and social media consultants said at the Texas Medical Association's Advocacy Retreat on Saturday.

Don’t Let it Happen to You: Practice Fined Over Social Media - 12/09/2019

As more people go online to research products and services, online reputation management has become increasingly relevant for physicians.Because of the HIPAA Privacy Rule, physicians cannot respond to online reviews in any way that reveals PHI. Even if a patient discloses their own personal information in a review, physicians cannot respond with the same level of disclosure.

Modern Websites for Health Care Practices - 11/01/2019

Physicians spend many years in medical school, and marketing probably wasn’t a part of the curriculum. However, there’s a good chance your next potential patient will be looking for a physician with a search engine or on Facebook. So what’s a savvy practice to do?

You’re a Doctor, Not a Business Magnate. But Why Not Be Both? - 10/23/2019

Don’t let the business of medicine bog down your practice. The Texas Medical Association’s publication Business Basics for Physicians can help provide the skills you need to run a successful medical practice.

Searching for a Better Online Reputation - 08/02/2019

What people see on the internet can bring in — or drive away — patients. But most physicians are not trained in either communications or digital technology, and so have little understanding of the financial impact of search engines, social media, and review sites.

Protect Your Practice’s Social Media Accounts - 05/30/2019

Social media is a terrific way to reach out and stay in contact with your patients. However, the risks created by social media cannot be ignored. Controlling access to your social media accounts is just the first step in ensuring their security.

Help Your Small Business Thrive With These Webinars - 05/03/2019

In recognition of National Small Business Week (May 5-11), Texas Medical Association-endorsed vendor Officite is kicking off a three-week webinar series beginning May 8.

Help TMA Understand How You Use Social Media - 03/13/2019

The Texas Medical Association is interested in knowing how you use social media and is asking you to take a short survey before Friday, March 15.

Muslim Surgeon Keeps Leadership Post in Tarrant County GOP - 01/11/2019

Southlake trauma surgeon Shahid Shafi, MD, will retain his position as vice chairman of the Tarrant County Republican Party after a failed attempt to vote him out of the position because he is Muslim.

What Does Your Online Presence Say About You? - 09/27/2018

If you don’t already monitor your online reputation, now is a good time to start. Join TMA-endorsed vendor, Officite, for a free, 45-minute webinar at 2 pm Thursday, Oct. 18 to discover how to take control of your brand across the internet.   

Five Tips to Get Your Practice on the First Page of Google - 07/12/2018

Don’t settle for a limited or unattractive digital footprint. TMA’s newest webinar can help in Getting Your Practice on the First Page of Google.

Help Keep TMA’s Blogged Arteries Flowing - 04/17/2018

We want to give you an outlet to make your voice heard to more than 51,000 of your colleagues throughout the state by contributing to our blog.

Forney to Physicians: We’re Open for Medicine - 02/21/2018

If you’ve ever thought about opening your own practice in the Dallas area, officials in Forney are hoping you’ll look their way.

A Chance For Your Patients to Meet You Face-to-Facebook - 01/24/2018

Sejal Mehta, MD, the chair of TMA’s International Medical Graduate section, gave about 6,000 people a look into her daily life Tuesday when she took over the Texas Medical Association (TMA) Facebook page.

Online Reviews Can Have a Big Impact on Your Practice - 07/19/2017

That smiling face at the reception desk may be your patient’s first — and very important — experience with your practice, but likely it’s not their first impression. Your patient probably learned a thing or two about you online before stepping into your office.

Get Social Savvy at TexMed With KevinMD - 04/28/2017

Kevin Pho, MD (aka KevinMD), will host a Social Media Meet and Greet from 2:30 3 p.m. on Friday, May 5, in the TexMed 2017 EXPO hall at the George R. Brown Convention Center before his Opening General Session talk at 4 pm.

Doctors, Protect Your Online Reputation - 04/28/2017

Google yourself. You might be surprised to see what comes up. Open a web browser, and type your name in the search box. Do you like what you see? Does it make your blood boil? Is there anything there? If your name is not that unique, do the results actually refer to you?

What Makes a Good Practice Website? - 04/17/2017

TMA has dozens of resources available to help you answer this question. These include TMA-endorsed vendor Officite, which provides practice websites and online marketing services to TMA physician members at exclusively discounted rates. TMA members can save up to 37 percent on these services.

Guide to Responding to Yelp Negativity - 01/27/2017

It doesn’t matter if your practice is the perfect example of professionalism; at some point you will receive a negative review. Read this guide before hastily responding to a negative review.

Are You Tweeting Yet? - 12/20/2016

Want to get started using — or become more active on — social media on a professional level? Interestingly, the 2015 Texas Legislature provides a painless opportunity for you to wet your feet in the Twittersphere, with how-to help from TMA.