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For Five Decades, Texas Physicians Have Helped Care for Physicians - 06/07/2022

Since 1961, the Texas Medical Association’s Physicians Benevolent Fund has provided assistance to Texas physicians and their families who have fallen on hard times because of poverty, sickness, disability, accident, or other circumstances. Beginning this year, the newly established PBF Wellness Fund is available for qualified physicians who cannot afford treatment for depression, substance-abuse disorders, or other impairments.

Physicians Benevolent Fund Supports Physicians in Need - 06/07/2022

The Physicians Benevolent Fund helps support physicians and their immediate families who fall on desperate financial times or who are in treatment, perhaps as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic or because of other circumstances. TMA family members can support PBF in two ways.

Help a Physician in Need With a Referral to The Physicians Benevolent Fund - 06/07/2022

It’s often said that talk is cheap. In the case of The Physicians Benevolent Fund (PBF), the payoff for a little talk could be huge for a colleague or friend in need. By sharing information about PBF or by referring someone to the Texas Medical Association, you could give a friend or colleague a much-needed hand up.

Burnout a National Problem; TMA Wellness Fund Can Help - 06/06/2022

In a recent advisory calling attention to health care worker burnout, U.S. Surgeon General Vivek Murthy, MD, highlighted the broad response the situation calls for: “We must ensure that every health worker has access to affordable, confidential, and convenient mental health care.”

For Doctors Who’ve Suffered a Stroke, Physicians Benevolent Fund Can Help - 05/25/2022

Alison H. Brown, MD, couldn’t have imagined what lay ahead for her as she started down the path to a career in women’s health in the late 1980s.

TMA Physicians Benevolent Fund Helps Sustain Medical Families in Need - 03/29/2022

Healer. Comforter. Hard-working. Resilient. Skilled. Empathetic. As we honor our physicians on Doctor’s Day for all the invaluable roles and noble qualities you offer your patients and communities, remember the Texas Medical Association is here if you encounter times when you need help, hope, and healing through The Physicians Benevolent Fund.

State Launches $23 Million Substance Use Disorder Prevention Effort - 03/15/2022

Federal data estimate that during 2020, more than 11 million Texans were living with substance use disorder. A new $23 million public awareness campaign from the Texas Health and Human Services Commission is aiming to keep that number from growing.

How the Physicians Benevolent Fund Saved These Doctors’ Families - 02/28/2022

After he became disabled in an automobile accident, a Texas physician and his wife quickly ran through the funds awarded in a legal settlement for his ongoing medical bills.

Support Physicians in Need With Donation to the Physicians Benevolent Fund - 12/09/2021

As the Physicians Benevolent Fund (PBF) marks 60 years of extending help and hope to Texas physicians, you can help the family of medicine sustain this Texas Medical Association legacy during the giving season.

PBF Wellness Fund - 11/17/2021

The Physician Health and Rehabilitation (PHR) Assistance Fund was established in 1983. The purpose of the fund is to provide financial assistance to physicians who cannot afford treatment for depression, substance use disorders, or other potentially impairing conditions.

TMA Insurance Trust Provides Financial Help for Struggling Physicians - 09/20/2021

The Texas Medical Association’s Physicians Benevolent Fund will be able to provide even more support to physicians who have fallen on hard times thanks to a $15,000 gift from TMA Insurance Trust (TMAIT).

When Disaster Strikes, PBF Relief Fund Helps Physicians - 09/20/2021

During that costliest storm in Texas history, TMA was there to help physicians rebuild and recover through its PBF Disaster Relief Fund. With support from The Physicians Benevolent Fund, doctors could continue to provide care and comfort to their patients following the devastation of the Category 4 storm.

Retired Physician Helps Colleagues Who Need Financial Help - 12/04/2019

Retired Houston urologist Bernard H. Feldman, MD, recently made a generous gift to the Texas Medical Association’s Physicians Benevolent Fund (PBF), which since 1961 has provided assistance to Texas physicians and their families who have fallen on hard times because of poverty, sickness, disability, accident, or other circumstances.

Cancer Incidence Among Texas Publicly Funded Substance Abuse Treatment Clients - 10/08/2018

In this study, the authors examine the incidence of cancer among a large cohort of patients receiving Texas Department of State Health Services publicly funded substance abuse treatment services between 2005 and 2009. We hypothesized that substance abuse patients would have an increased incidence of cancer, especially cancers associated with alcohol misuse, tobacco use, and opiate dependence. We compared cancer incidence among 119,237 substance abuse patients with those in the Texas general population as reported to the Texas Cancer Registry. The cohort was 60% male; and 50% white, 30% Hispanic, and 20% black. Mean age at the start of follow-up was 47.6 years (SD, 10.5 years), with mean follow-up time of 2.4 years (SD, 1.5 years). Primary drug dependency was 30% alcohol; 25% cocaine; 15% opiate; 13% amphetamine or methamphetamine; and 17% marijuana or other drugs. Almost 75% of the patients used tobacco regularly. The overall age-adjusted incidence rate was lower for substance abusers ...

Help Care For Texas Physicians In Need - 08/09/2018

Since 1961, the Texas Medical Association Physicians Benevolent Fund has provided assistance to Texas physicians and their families who have fallen on hard times because of poverty, sickness, disability, accident, or other circumstances. With your help, the fund can continue to take care of the family of medicine.

Top Physician Experts to Convene First-Ever Maternal Health Congress to Address Maternal Deaths Crisis - 03/20/2018

More than 70 top obstetrician-gynecologists, family physicians, and other physicians and health experts from across Texas will convene the state’s first-ever Texas Medical Association (TMA) Maternal Health Congress in Austin on Saturday. Their goal is to address the alarming rate of women dying after childbirth and seek solutions to the complex issue.

Facing More Hoops - 10/27/2017

Opioid abuse has killed tens of thousands of Americans in recent years, prompting health plans to adjust their prescription drug policies, including changing formularies and prior-authorization processes.