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Why the Physicians Benevolent Fund Is Important: A Conversation With TMA Vice Speaker John Flores, MD - 11/08/2022

WHEN PHYSICIANS AND their families encounter personal hardship – such as a widow left with a family to raise following her physician husband’s death, or an elderly couple struggling to make ends meet as their savings dwindle following a dementia diagnosis – the Texas Medical Association’s Physicians Benevolent Fund (PBF) is here to help.

By Popular Demand: Top Wellness CME Courses - 11/07/2022

Your wellness matters. That’s why TMA is committed to providing health and wellness CME courses to enhance your life journey, with many available for ethics credit. As a TMA member, you can access CME courses at no cost, thanks to

Wellness First: TMA Recommits to Physicians' Well-being - 11/01/2022

The Texas Medical Association recently debuted its reimagined physician well-being support program, Wellness First, which works in tandem with organized medicine's advocacy at the state and federal levels to mitigate the underlying causes of burnout.

Retired? TMA Fund Provides Financial Ray of Hope If Golden Years Tarnish - 09/26/2022

Retirement can be filled with new experiences, family time, leisure, and more. Retirement also can bring challenges – chronic or new illnesses, a dementia diagnosis, or expensive medications that wipe out your hard-earned nest egg.

When Physicians Need Treatment, TMA’s PBF Wellness Fund Can Help - 09/23/2022

If COVID-19 or other conditions are affecting your well-being, the Texas Medical Association is here to help you seek assistance.

TMA Puts Physicians’ Wellness First With New Program - 09/21/2022

The demands of the pandemic have heightened a sense of urgency to support physicians' health and well-being. With that in mind, TMA launched it's Wellness First - Supporting Physicians Health campaign during Fall Conference. Check out the CME program line-up and register soon.

Plug In to Self-Care and Wellness With TMA Resources - 09/15/2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted and at times exacerbated mental health struggles for physicians and other health care professionals as well as patients. The Texas Medical Association’s Physician Health and Wellness (PHW) PlugIns provide resources to help you care for yourself while you’re caring for patients.

Learn the Warning Signs of Physician Suicide - 09/13/2022

This Saturday, Sept. 17, is National Physician Suicide Awareness Day, and with help from The Physicians Foundation and other organizations’ Vital Signs campaign, you can learn the warning signals to look for in a colleague who may be in mental distress.

Physician Wellness the Focus of TMA Fall Conference - 09/07/2022

A pandemic, vaccine hesitancy, economic pressures. With a focus on physician wellness, the Texas Medical Association’s 2022 Fall Conference Sept. 16-17 aims to help doctors cope with the confluence of these and other factors that continue to bear down on them and their practices.

Improve Your Work-Life Balance with These Simple Steps - 08/16/2022

You’re a busy physician, so you might not always have time to take care of yourself as well as your patients. But taking care of yourself doesn’t just mean focusing on your physical well-being. Your mental, financial, and emotional fitness need to be looked after as well. The Texas Medical Association’s Committee on Physician Health and Wellness can help you assess your work-life balance and determine your core values.

Physicians Benevolent Fund Supports Physicians in Need - 06/07/2022

The Physicians Benevolent Fund helps support physicians and their immediate families who fall on desperate financial times or who are in treatment, perhaps as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic or because of other circumstances. TMA family members can support PBF in two ways.

Your Patients’ Health Depends on Your Overall Well-Being - 05/16/2022

Taking care of your patients is obviously your first priority. But while you’re working to improve the lives of people in your community, don’t forget to take care of yourself, too. After all, you can’t treat patients effectively if you’re not treating yourself well.

Improve Your Spiritual, Emotional, and Social Well-Being - 05/16/2022

The Texas Medical Association’s Committee on Physician Health and Wellness has developed CME courses that will help you stay positive, let go of angry thoughts, and relieve stress and burnout.

Build Your Inner Strength at ALLMED - 04/22/2022

One of the greatest gifts physicians and their spouses can share with each other and others is a sense of their own inner strength. Psychologist Robert J. Wicks, PsyD, will share his insights and best practices on that topic at the Texas Medical Association Alliance’s ALLMED Annual Conference keynote presentation on Friday, April 29.

Physician Suicide Prevention, Advocacy Examined During AMA Presentation - 04/05/2022

For two years, the COVID-19 pandemic has exacerbated physician stressors, from burnout to disinformation, sometimes with tragic consequences. But physicians play a central role in changing the culture of medicine to support their own well-being, job satisfaction, and stigma-free access to mental and behavioral health services.

Physician Health and Wellness Challenge Winners Highlight Workforce Wellness - 04/05/2022

Five posters summarizing unique wellness initiatives undertaken during the COVID-19 pandemic took top honors at the 2021 Physician Health and Wellness (PHW) poster session. The posters were presented as part of the virtual PHW Health and Wellness Exchange last fall, hosted by the Texas Medical Association in collaboration with the Travis County Medical Society.

Physician Wellness Think Tank Calls for More Workforce Support - 11/30/2021

The harm the “resilience” narrative causes to physicians, soul-centered medicine, and a reexploration of a physician’s career calling all received a close look at the Texas Medical Association’s second Physician Health and Wellness (PHW) Exchange in late October.

Social Determinants Undermine Patient Health - 11/02/2021

For many patients, roadblocks like a broken air conditioner neglected by the landlord  are the social determinants of health that impact their well-being and quality of life, and can harm their health. Physicians say the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic also revealed how deeply social determinants disproportionately affect certain populations. For example, due to chronic structural inequities that affect wellbeing, such as safe housing, access to medical care, and certain jobs that carry a higher risk of disease exposure, COVID-19 has disproportionately sickened, hospitalized, and killed people of color and those with low incomes.

Preventable Pain: COVID Surge, Anti-Vax Sentiments Compound Physicians' Turmoil on the Job - 11/01/2021

Pushback from patients on medical advice and course of treatment is nothing new. But physicians say the degree of it – a lack of trust in science, medicine, and expertise – has never been as pronounced as it is now, in the era of the highly contagious delta variant, widespread availability of COVID-19 vaccines, and millions of people who simply refuse to avail themselves of them. And it’s piling onto the already-existing assaults on physician mental well-being – now increasingly framed as physician “moral injury.”

Commentary: What Really Is Wounding the Healer? - 10/31/2021

There are few issues in medicine and health care that are the subject of more controversy than the semantics of what wounds physicians. Are we suffering from “moral injury” or “burnout” or “compassion fatigue” or “vicarious trauma” or “depression?”

Physician Health and Wellness Education Committee - 10/27/2021

TMA Committee on Physician Health and Wellness (PHWC) Ad Hoc Committee on Education

Share Ideas to Improve Health, Wellness of Medical Workforce - 09/29/2021

TMA's Committee on Physician Health and Wellness wants to know your ideas on how your institution can better support your wellness. The committee invites you to submit your contributions to improve the health of the medical workforce by Monday, Oct. 11 for the upcoming PHW Poster Session.

TMA Fund Offers Assistance for Substance Abuse Treatment - 09/20/2021

If you or a colleague is struggling with alcohol or any other substance abuse disorder and needs treatment, TMA's Physicians Benevolent Wellness Fund is here to provide financial assistance for qualified physicians and their immediate families.

No Escape: COVID-19 Continues to Exacerbate Physician Burnout - 09/17/2021

The malaise in physician practice long known as burnout – a term doctors increasingly balk at – has been exacerbated by the pandemic, as an extensive survey by the Physicians Foundation recently showed. It’s created its own stressors and made existing ones worse.

Medical Burnout: Breaking Bad - 06/23/2021

A recent Washington Post/Kaiser Family Foundation survey of 1,327 front-line health care workers in the U.S. during the COVID-19 pandemic revealed that medical burnout has reached epidemic proportions.