Patient Safety

A Path in the Jungle: TMA's New THC Policy Empowers Physicians - 08/04/2023

The new policy, calling for more research and regulations on hemp-derived THC, was born from a rapidly growing, sometimes thorny retail cannabis landscape in Texas.

Scoping Out the Best Care: TMA Defends Team-Based Care Model - 04/03/2023

As expected, scores of scope expansion attempts have again crept their way into the hundreds of bills TMA is tracking; it's an issue that affects all physicians and patients, regardless of specialty or geography.

The Risk of Speaking Up - 02/04/2019

Whistleblowing may be ethical, but physician protections for it could stand to improve.

Surgeries in Mexico Linked to Antibiotic-Resistant Infections - 01/15/2019

Several Americans have developed antibiotic-resistant infections after undergoing invasive medical procedures in Mexico, health officials warned recently.

Government Mandate to Doctors Could Harm Some Patients - 11/10/2016

The federal government currently requires physicians to perform a medical procedure on patients to help them, but the procedure can instead cause serious harm to some, so Texas physicians are fighting to get the government to rescind the directive. If the doctors don’t follow orders, they and the hospital where the care takes place risk a poor grade.

Texas Physicians Debate Complementary and Alternative Medicine Therapies' Role in Health Care - 10/25/2016

Texas physicians have varying opinions about CAM therapies to treat a patient’s collective mind, body, and spirit. While some embrace various CAM treatments in their practice, others are cautious and avoid them. But wherever physicians stand on CAM, all agree on the need to place patient safety first, according to Texas Medicine , the Texas Medical Association’s (TMA’s) monthly magazine. That means staying informed on the latest CAM therapies to answer patient questions, and verifying that any alternative therapies patients are taking will not conflict with conventional medicine.