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Keep Your Records Straight and HIPAA-Compliant With TMA CME - 01/21/2020

TMA’s in-depth publication, Managing Your Medical Records, will help physicians and front office staff better understand the rules of consent, release, and disclosure. Get up to speed on everything from practical, efficient methods for record organization to best practices for record storage that’s HIPAA- and HITECH-compliant.

Physicians Concerned Over State’s Inaccurate Death Reporting - 06/25/2019

Some Texas physicians are concerned that the state’s death statistics are not as accurate as they should be. Like in many states, Texas’ death reporting system feeds inconsistent information into the state’s vital statistics database. As a result, distorted death statistics inaccurately portray how people are dying, which could have negative public health implications.

Novitas Mails Medicare Revalidation Letters - 03/04/2019

On March 1, Novitas, the Texas Medicare claims processor, began sending physicians in the Medicare program letters asking them to revalidate their enrollment information. Physicians not on the March 1 mailing list will receive their letters either March 15 or March 29.

How's Novitas Doing? - 03/04/2019

Medicare wants to know what you think of the job Novitas Solutions is doing administering the Medicare program in Texas.

Problems With Texas’ New Vital Statistics Registry Fixed, Official Says - 01/07/2019

The new TxEVER system should be operating smoothly after experiencing technical difficulties in the days after going live, an official with the Department of State Health Services (DSHS) said Friday. If you weren’t already aware, the DSHS on Jan. 1 rolled out the system for processing death and birth certificates that it says will be easier and more accurate.

Become LCD-Savvy - 04/20/2018

Do you make a habit of keeping an eye on Novitas Solutions’ local coverage determinations (LCDs) for Medicare coverage? Sign up to receive email alerts of the latest updates. Register for a free webinar on LCDs on May 16.

News From Novitas: Draft LCDs, Forms, and Errors to Avoid - 04/20/2018

Don’t miss an opportunity to comment on draft local coverage determinations that might affect your practice. Also, electronic data interchange enrollment forms have an update. And — Is your practice making any of the most common claims submission mistakes?

A Conversation With Travis County Chief Medical Examiner J. Keith Pinckard, MD - 03/08/2018

Texas Medicine recently caught up with Dr. Pinckard, who has been the chief medical examiner at the Travis County Medical Examiner’s Office since 2015.

Charging a Fee to Complete Forms - 10/19/2017

Can practices charge a fee to complete individual disability income claims forms?

Medical Records Retention for Pregnant Patients - 07/28/2017

Q. How long does an obstetrician or other physician who treats women during pregnancy need to keep patient records? Is it until age 21 of the baby, or seven years after the mother was last treated?

Take Our Medical Records Quiz - 06/14/2017

Questions abound when it comes to managing medical records because they are subject to many rules and regulations. Can you answer these commonly asked questions about medical records?

Aim for Accuracy in Claims - 05/17/2017

Did you make one of the nearly 1.7 million annual requests to correct minor errors or omissions on a Medicare claim? Novitas Solutions has a new initiative to help you avoid the time and hassle of making corrections.

Novitas: New Fee Schedule Look-Up Tool; New and Revised LCDs - 12/20/2016

Notivas has introduced a new and improved Medicare Physician’s Fee Schedule Code Search & Downloads tool. Novitas says it is a one-stop shop for all your fee schedule needs.

You May Need to Resubmit These Claims to Novitas - 12/19/2016

Novitas Solutions has discovered that a recent batch of “additional development request” letters weren’t mailed to physicians and others, resulting in incorrectly rejected claims.

Withholding Copies of Records for Failure to Pay Copy Fee - 12/07/2016

Do we have to provide a patient copies of requested medical records if the patient fails to pay the copying fee?

Requests for Records Must Be in Writing - 12/06/2016

Can we require all requests for copies of medical records be in writing, even though HIPAA says we must honor oral requests?

Know When to Use Modifier 26 in Medicare Claims - 06/03/2016

When Medicare procedures have both professional and technical components, modifiers 26 and TC may come into play. Don’t delay payment by forgetting to add modifier 26 when needed.

Novitas Won’t Pay for Agriflu Flu Vaccine - 06/01/2016

Novitas Solutions says it will deny claims reporting HCPCS code Q2034 (Agriflu) because Agriflu has not received Federal Drug Administration approval for the 2012-13 season.

How to Report Medicare Split Post-Operative Care - 06/01/2016

What is the correct way to report split post-operative care on a Medicare claim? (Tips from Novitas)

Make Sure Novitas Can Open Your CDs - 05/18/2016

If you need to send medical records to Novitas Solutions, the Medicare payer for Texas, make sure Novitas can access the encrypted information.

Problem Pile-Up - 05/13/2016

Novitas Solutions Inc. took over from TrailBlazer Enterprises as Texas' Medicare carrier more than a year ago. But ongoing frustrations with customer service shortfalls, enrollment delays, and heavy auditing practices, among other complaints, have Texas physicians giving the contractor a shabby report card. They say the bad grades still add up to too many hassles and payment problems and not enough answers.

Tips for Contacting Novitas’ via Phone or Mail - 05/13/2016

If you are still getting used to navigating Novitas’ interactive voice response (IVR) phone system at (855) 252 8782, and its mailing addresss, here are a few helpful hints from the Medicare contractor. You do not need to enter the

Revised LCDs Give Updated Medicare Coverage Information - 05/13/2016

Revised local coverage determinations (LCDs) from Novitas Solutions recently took effect or will take effect Aug. 13, 2015. See if any apply to your practice, and read their guidance for submitting correct Medicare claims to Novitas for payment.

Novitas Requires Certain Forms for Paper Documentation - 05/13/2016

Starting May 1, 2013, Novitas Solutions will return faxed or mailed documentation that is not submitted with certain approved Novitas forms.

Novitas ADR Letters: A Mailing Delay - 05/13/2016

For Additional Documentation Request (ADR) letters from Novitas Solutions dated April 1 to April 12, 2013, you have 30 days from the date you receive the letter to respond to the request.