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7 Things You Must Know Before Signing an Employment Contract - 07/02/2019

A good contract by definition is one that is fair and reasonable and is a win-win situation for everyone involved. But how do physicians ensure they are getting a good contract before agreeing to work for a hospital or group practice?

Each Physician Generates $2.4 Million For Hospitals, Survey Shows - 02/28/2019

According to a survey released this week, a physician generates an average of almost $2.4 million per year in net revenue on behalf of his or her affiliated hospitals. That’s an increase of almost 52 percent from 2016 figures, according to the  2019 Physician Inpatient/Outpatient Revenue Survey .

Physician Employment Continues to Grow, Survey Shows - 02/21/2019

According to a survey released this week, hospitals and health systems acquired 8,000 medical practices nationwide between July 2016 and January 2018. Also during those 18 months, 14,000 physicians left private practice for employment arrangements with hospitals, the numbers show.

AMA, AHA Principles Guide Successful Physician-Hospital Relationships - 12/19/2016

Implementing health care delivery and payment reforms isn't easy. A recent American Medical Association study with RAND Corporation points to the need for collaboration among physician and hospital leadership in an ever-changing health care environment. The new Principles of Integrated Leadership for Hospitals and Health Systems (AMA log in required) from AMA and the American Hospital Association can help physicians "bring clinical skills and business insights together at the leadership level to foster more collaborative and cohesive decision-making at hospitals and health systems," according to the June 3 edition of AMA Wire.

What’s “Hot” for Employed Physicians? - 06/17/2016

What does the medical literature say about physician employment? What are the trends, the pros, and the cons? What do these employment relationships mean for hospitals or other employers? How can prospective physician-employees drive the best professional contracts?

Have You Met the New Company Doc? - 06/17/2016

Back in the old days, way back before health insurance, the railroads and big chemical companies in Texas had their own physicians on site. The "company doctors" kept the workers on the job and at least reasonably healthy.

Be Careful With Covenants Not to Compete - 06/17/2016

Almost every contract has an escape hatch — but you might have to escape to a place you don't want to be.

AMA to Study Long-Term Effects of Physician Employment - 06/17/2016

Gathering in Dallas last month for its 2014 Interim Meeting, the American Medical Association House of Delegates adopted a resolution to examine the long-term effects of physician employment.

Big Decision - 05/13/2016

During that Many young doctors begin their professional lives as employed physicians, then transition into full or part owners of a practice. Deciding between employment and solo practice is a big decision. Whatever the choice, it has to be done right.