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HIPAA and Medical Power of Attorney - 03/20/2024

Does the HIPAA Privacy Rule change the way in which a person can grant another person medical power of attorney?

Stop Paying to Get Paid - 02/28/2024

Did you know you don’t have to accept health plan payment via virtual credit card? You have a right to request direct deposit.

TMA Experts Dispel Myths of Medical Records - 12/08/2023

Confused about whether your practice can charge fees when fulfilling a request for a copy of medical record?

Feds Update HIPAA Security Risk Assessment Tool - 11/01/2023

To aid small- and medium-sized practices in complying with the HIPAA Security Rule, federal officials have updated their risk assessment tool designed to help practices identify areas where electronic  protected health information (ePHI) is at risk.

Practice Financials - 08/30/2023

Get the information you need to keep your practice financials in order.

Enhancing the Office Experience for Your Patients - 08/30/2023

Enhancing the Office Experience for Your Patients

Articles and Papers on Legal Issues - 08/28/2023

Articles And Papers-Misc. Medical Records

Who Will Run Your Practice If You Can’t? - 08/23/2023

You might have given thought to what would happen to your solo practice and your family in the event of your death, but what if you have a serious accident or illness and are unable to work for, say, several months?

New Texas Law Shortens Data Breach Notification Period - 08/21/2023

Texas physician practices and other health care facilities soon will be required to give more timely and public notice of any breaches of computerized data, including electronic health records and billing information.

HIPAA Security Rule: Move It to Top of Mind - 08/07/2023

Problems with HIPAA Security Rule safeguards, both administrative and technical, continue to fall among the top five HIPAA security issues the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services identifies each year.

Security Risk Analysis for HIPAA — and Medicare/Medicaid? - 08/07/2023

Do you need to conduct a security risk analysis or review of your practice in the next 72 days?

Your Photocopier May Be a Security Risk - 08/07/2023

Don’t let this happen to you! A health plan paid a huge fine after it returned leased copiers that held protected health information.

Keep Patients Prepared with Good Medical Recordkeeping - 07/25/2023

Hurricane season in the Atlantic Ocean opened June 1 and typically runs through November, and Texas physicians and patients alike may be bracing for the possibility of property damage and displacement.

Practice e-Tips on Technology - 07/25/2023

TMA Practice e-Tips on issues such as electronic medical records (EMRs), and buying technology for your practice.

Charging a Fee to Complete Forms - 07/20/2023

Can practices charge a fee to complete individual disability income claims forms?

Commentary: Online Testimony Remains a Success at TexMed - 05/26/2023

The COVID-19 pandemic shifted the majority of House of Delegates business to a virtual format, and TMA has since made permanent the process of taking initial testimony online. That process proved to be quite effective.

Strength in Numbers: Texas Physicians Shape Health Care Policy at AMA - 05/25/2023

The Texas Medical Association wields its influence in two ways: through the Texas Delegation to the American Medical Association and through membership on the AMA’s various councils and committees.

Virtual Election Voting Trial Approved by House of Delegates - 05/25/2023

Among several organizational decisions, the Texas Medical Association House of Delegates voted to pilot virtual voting in HOD elections at its annual policymaking meeting last week.

Resolved: To Get Involved in Organized Medicine - 04/28/2023

Every physician can look around and see some policy change or improvement that could make life better for patients and colleagues. The Texas Medical Association’s House of Delegates, the organization’s highest policymaking body, is often the best place to set that reform in motion.

Grassroots Governance: Councils, Committees Fuel TMA’s Physician-Driven Engine - 03/09/2023

With a finger on the pulse of health care, TMA’s nine councils and 12 standing committees work through grassroots advocacy and collaboration to initiate policies and programs that support Texas patients and physicians and provide solutions to the challenges they encounter.

Risk Management - 02/15/2023

Practice e-Tips on Risk Management

Making a SAFER EHR: This MIPS measure can help - 10/21/2022

Physicians have not always been big fans of the Merit-Based Incentive Payment System (MIPS), but one aspect of MIPS can help physicians protect electronic health records (EHRs) from errors, hacking, and similar problems.

Top Three Reasons Embezzlement Occurs - 10/11/2022

Medical practices suffer from one of the highest embezzlement rates of all service industries.Several factors can contribute to embezzlement. The top three are opportunity, pressure, and rationalization.

How Can I Prevent Embezzlement in My Practice? - 10/11/2022

Medical practices are largely cash businesses and have the highest embezzlement rate of any service industry. Every medical practice, regardless of size, specialty or location, is a potential victim of employee theft and embezzlement.

Did That Employee Quit, or Did You Fire Her? - 10/11/2022

The question of whether an employee quit or was fired is very important if the ex-employee files for unemployment benefits. It determines who has the burden of proof in the case. These tips from the Texas Workforce Commission can help you keep the onus of proof off you.