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Going the Distance: Helping Rural Medicine on Its Hard Road to Better Health - 07/29/2022

Rural areas of Texas face a health care crisis, and most of the solutions require getting more health care professionals into those regions - either in person or through telemedicine.

Dialing In on Disparities: CDC Grant Helps Texas Tackle COVID-Aggravated Health Gaps - 06/29/2022

It’s a short-term federal grant that Stephen Pont, MD, hopes can make a long-term impact.

TMA LGBTQ Health Section GroupMe - 06/07/2022

Join the TMA-LGBTQ HS GroupMe! This is an opportunity for TMA LGBTQ HS section members to converse informally, collaborate, and exchange information.

Q&A: A Physician’s Approach to Gender-Affirming Care - 04/05/2022

Recent events in Texas have shone a spotlight on gender-affirming care and its impact on young people who identify as being gender diverse and transgender. TMA's LGBTQ Health Section answers common questions about gender-affirming care and what it means for patients and physicians. Read the Q&A.

Investigations of Gender-Affirming Care Halted Again by Appeals Court - 03/24/2022

The latest court order in the battle over gender-affirming care in Texas has once again blocked the state from investigating that care as child abuse.

TMA Staying Involved as Courts Rule on Gender-Affirming Care, SB 8 - 03/23/2022

The Texas Medical Association is making sure medicine’s best interests are considered in two legal cases in which courts handed down significant decisions on March 11, impacting physicians and the patients they serve.

TMA Supports Evidence-Based Gender-Affirming Care in Lawsuit - 03/14/2022

As the Doe v. Abbott lawsuit heads to a hearing today over whether to block state investigations involving certain care provided to transgender youth, among other issues, the Texas Medical Association has filed a friend-of-the-court brief in the case in support of medically necessary, gender-affirming care, and opposing the criminalization of such treatment.

TMA’s LGBTQ Health Section Elects New Leaders - 06/15/2021

The LGBTQ Health Section kicked off its status as the Texas Medical Association’s newest section by electing a fresh slate of top officers. Newly elected section Chair Maria Monge, MD, encouraged TMA physicians and medical students to join the section whether or not they identify as LGBTQ.

LGBTQ Health: New TMA Section Helps Physicians Treat a Misunderstood Population - 06/11/2021

TMA’s newest section on LGBTQ Health helps Texas physicians treat a widely misunderstood population.

Be a Part of TMA’s New LGBTQ Health Section - 03/12/2021

The Texas Medical Association’s LGBTQ Health Section will hold its next business meeting at 6:30 pm (CT) on April 13, in advance of TexMed 2021. The executive council welcomes all TMA members interested in being a part of the section.

Be a Part of Creating TMA’s New LGBTQ Health Section - 11/18/2020

The Texas Medical Association's LGBTQ Health Section is ready to take next steps after the House of Delegates created the new section to recognize and address LGBTQ health-related issues and needs. You still have a chance to take part in development of the section, which will be open to any TMA member. The section will hold its next organizational meeting via video conference at 7 pm (CT) on Tuesday, Dec. 1. Please register in advance. The deadline to register is Nov. 24.

An Unfortunate Legacy: COVID-19 Reveals Long-Standing Health Inequities - 09/10/2020

COVID-19 reveals longstanding health inequities among minority patients.

Implicit Bias in Prenatal Drug Testing - 07/09/2020

Unfortunately, risk-based testing introduces physician bias into decisionmaking, and can disproportionately target low-income, minority, and immigrant women. Simultaneously, physicians can overlook screening patients who are white and higher income, placing their infants at risk for drug withdrawal and birth defects. Universal screening has been touted by many physicians and providers because it eliminates risk for discriminatory practices, provides a basis for early detection and education of pregnant women, and directs physicians to provide resources for pregnant women to quit drug use during pregnancy.

Texas Neighborhoods Worlds Apart in Life Expectancy - 10/08/2019

The Houston-based Episcopal Health Foundation last week issued a report comparing the life expectancy at birth of someone born in each of Texas’ 4,709 census tracts. Given the growing recognition of the importance of social determinants of health, I thought I’d dive into the report to find some good examples to share with you. I didn’t realize how deep that dive would become.

Don’t Change Poverty Level Adjustment, TMA Tells Feds - 06/27/2019

Possible changes to how the federal government determines the national poverty level could negatively affect the well-being and health care options for large portions of the population, a coalition of 10 state medical associations, including the Texas Medical Association, told the nation’s chief statistician this week.

Gender Salary Disparity Continues Despite Mild Gains, Report Shows - 04/02/2019

The salary gap between male and female physicians remains high in several Texas metropolitan areas despite a nationwide decrease from 2017 to 2018, a new study shows.

The Code of Life - 02/26/2019

Physicians can use ZIP codes to better understand their patients’ health problems.

A Texas-Size Problem - 04/25/2018

Texas' health disparities have deepened as the state's population has grown and become more diverse. A report released in December found that health disparities in Texas cost the state $1.7 billion in excess medical care and $2.9 billion in lost productivity each year. Texas' increasing racial diversity will make this problem worse.

Top Physician Experts to Convene First-Ever Maternal Health Congress to Address Maternal Deaths Crisis - 03/20/2018

More than 70 top obstetrician-gynecologists, family physicians, and other physicians and health experts from across Texas will convene the state’s first-ever Texas Medical Association (TMA) Maternal Health Congress in Austin on Saturday. Their goal is to address the alarming rate of women dying after childbirth and seek solutions to the complex issue.

Addressing Health Disparities - 01/22/2018

Knowing Neighborhoods' Specific Needs a Step Toward Improved Care Commentary — February 2018 Tex Med. 2018 114(2) 8–10. By Vincent Fonseca, MD If we are to improve the health of

Epidural Use Disparities by Spanish-Speaking Patients in Labor - 11/01/2016

Spanish-speaking patients have the same opportunity as English-speaking patients to make an informed decision when it comes to controlling their labor pain.